Yes I do appear publicly (though, not without fear).

The odd book launch, exhibitions . . . but I rarely visit schools anymore. Sometimes my nieces or nephews talk me into it.

If I were to visit your school you might possibly hear me saying profound things like: Beg your pardon! Excuse me! What did they say?

Truthfully, I always have lots of illustration work and for now Iím living in the moment and Iím an ĎAuthor/illustratorí not a Ďtalkerí.

I think it best for Author/illustrators to write and draw. Leave the talking to talkers. Everything I want to say publicly, you will find in my pictures.

One day the time will come, (I may be crinkly, half blind and unable to draw any more) when I become a talker. When that time comes, whoever wants me, can sit me quietly in a corner and listen to me. Iíll try not to babble or dribble!

If you do want to try twisting my arm, these people might help you . . . Lateral Learning

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